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1. Have You Selected The WRONG Firearm For You?


2. How NOT To Make A Personal Protection Plan (Ignore These Two Critical Elements And You Could Wind Up Hurt, In Jail, Or Worse...)


3. How To Ensure You Don’t Choose The WRONG Holster...


4. Is There Such A Thing As ENOUGH Training? What About Too Much Training?


5. There’s A Right Way To Train, And A WRONG Way... Which Are You Doing?

6. Have You Prepared For The Legal & Financial Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting?


7. Don’t Make This Ammo Mistake, It Could Cost You In A Critical Incident...


8. The Key Is Consistency... Are You Building The Right Muscle Memory Into Your Training And Carry Gear?


9. Are You Properly Maintaining Your Carry Gun & Ammunition?


10. How To Understand Your State's Laws, Or The Laws
Of States You Might Visit…


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100% FREE. No Strings Attached...

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