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If you've decided to carry a firearm for personal protection (or even if you're just thinking about it), I applaud your decision. Most people are not willing to do what is necessary to protect themselves, their family members, and even complete strangers from the ruthless attack of a violent felon...

It is critical that you realize the MOMENT you're forced to draw your gun in self-defense there will be 100+ decisions that you'll need to make in a split second.

Reading the Concealed Carry Guide and being a part of the USCCA is all about helping people make informed decisions. We empower our members so they know EXACTLY what to do in a life or death situation.

The Concealed Carry Guide is a free digital download report. Inside, you're going to uncover the answers to the toughest questions a citizen can (and MUST) face before being able to responsibly carry a concealed handgun and defend himself.

Tim Schmidt
President & Founder, USCCA

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