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If you've made the important decision to carry a firearm for personal protection, I applaud you. You've made the choice to do what's necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones, and even complete strangers from the ruthless attack of a violent felon.

But being armed with information is arguably as important as being armed with a gun. Ignorance of concealed carry laws is not an excuse any police officer or jury will allow you to claim.

Download the USCCA's free Concealed Carry Map right now to learn everything you need to know to legally carry your firearm in the state you live.

What you're about to learn could literally be the difference between your freedom and a jail cell.

Tim Schmidt
President & Founder, USCCA

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Stay Out Of Jail With Your FREE Concealed Carry Map...

Know The Gun Rights of Your State

You're About To Learn...

Your State's Rights

Type of Carried Allowed


Each state's laws are different and you need to know yours.

Shall Issue, May Issue, Constitutional Carry - what does it take to get a CCW permit where you live.

Does your permit allow you to carry to the state you're traveling to?

Ignorance is NOT a strategy

Knowing what you can and CAN'T do is vital to protecting yourself, your family, and your legacy. This free guide teaches you what’s allowed in your home state so that you can stay out of jail and home with your family.

Get your free Concealed Carry Map now...

Stay Out Of Jail With Your FREE Concealed Carry Map...

Know The Gun Rights of Your State

Stay Out Of Jail With Your FREE Concealed Carry Map...

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